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Mapping the entrepreneurship environment*


The result of a partnership between Endeavor and SAP, this entrepreneurship portal will gather data and best practices in entrepreneurship policy to facilitate organisations that strive to build healthy entrepreneurship environments in developing economies.

The tool allows you to compare indicators across countries and years. Click to access other indicators.

Organisations around the world are studying entrepreneurship to better understand and support entrepreneurship efforts, resulting in a myriad of data and reports on individual websites. Policy and program best practices are compiled in yet other websites and publications. Such dispersed information, along with a general lack of data in developing economies, make it difficult for organizations to access and understand the macro view of entrepreneurship in a particular country.

This online portal compiles a wide variety of sources on entrepreneurship into a single, unified knowledge database. The current data visualization tool allows you to measure each indicator and compare it across countries and years. For example, you can discover how many days are required to start a business in each nation and identify the benchmark country. To facilitate analysis and comparison, data is standardized on a scale ranging from 0 (the worst case scenario) and 10 (the best).

In this first launch, we focus on Brazil in order to understand its many entrepreneurship challenges, as well as identify which countries it can learn from. Thus, we selected ten countries at similar stages of development: Russia, India, China and South Africa (representing the BRICS), Chile, Argentina and Mexico (Latin America), as well as Turkey. We also included the United States as a worldwide reference in entrepreneurship.


Look out for second launch later this year – once you identify the main problems in a country, you will be able to find best practices in entrepreneurship policy to tackle them. After the pilot phase, we’ll include data from almost 100 countries.

In the long term, the portal will bring together stakeholders such as policymakers, organisations that support entrepreneurship and businesses that are interested in providing services to entrepreneurs in developing countries. These are our partners and specialists in this project, and we hope that they, too, will contribute to the growing body of knowledge on entrepreneurship.


The portal has approximately 40 indicators that are based on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD’s) six entrepreneurship determinants: regulatory environment, market conditions, access to capital, R&D and technology, entrepreneurial capabilities, and culture. These are important variables that facilitate entrepreneurial environments, thus creating new, high growth businesses to produce stronger economies.

The data is sourced from the World Bank, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the World Economic Forum and the Fraser Institute for the period of 2000 to 2012.

By Amisha Miller, manager of Research and Public Policy at Endeavor Brasil.

*This is a one-off translation of the original text into English.

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